Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp ends. Bittersweet & Breakthroughs.

Thursday Pick your lesson…hmmm if you guessed Peter Atkins you are correct!

The last day of camp was Thursday and included a show jumping lesson with Peter. The focus was…improving the canter (surprised?).

We stated with the trot working Moose very round and low. When a balanced, round and low outline was achieved Peter had me imagine my arms/ reins as poles to push his nose forward. Instead of transitioning trot to canter Peter set up a series of poles 9 feet apart (this helped simulate a canter stride). We totted in and cantered out with me again trying to catch the front feet with my hand and kick his back up. The goal was to do a balanced transition to trot before the canter deteriorated…that was the goal anyway.

The poles soon became jumps. And then *it* happened.  The best jump of my life. I felt those little mutton withers come up and Moose’s back round as he sailed over the last element.  It had finally clicked-I kicked at the girth and got out of the saddle at the right moment. I loved the feeling of that jump and have been dreaming about it ever since.

Sadly I have not yet had my canter breakthrough nor have I been able to try and recreate that jump as the Midwest has been under a heat warning since I have been home.

So with a big breakthrough in our jump we left camp. A bittersweet moment for sure. It was a great week of learning, socializing and eating (had to put that in there –food was AWESOME).

I can’t think LeeAnn Zobbe enough. Come Again Farm is a very special place and Come Again Event Camp is a very special offering. I have longingly eyed event camps for quite a while-however the fees and distance were out of my range. LeeAnn has created a unique camp. Us ‘regular Joes’ with our ‘unlikely event horses’ as well as several future super stars can come together to train with world class instructors and live our dream for 4 days a year.

With that said thanks to the clinicians –especially for taking time with amateurs like me on cheap unlikely event types. I did not ride with all of them but heard glowing reports from those who did. Peter Atkins, Leslie Law, Dorothy Crowell, Mary Lowry, Jennifer Kasier, and Bonna McCuiston are all appreciated.

And to my fellow campers –see ya next year!

Thanks Amy, Amy, Amy, and Susan (honorary Amy) for being great riding buddies!

Want to ride better? Jump Grids. No Horse Required.

The Pool.
Quoting Rachel "Peter Who? Courage smack, or punishment? Screw it, I'll just drink my beer."

Stepping through the broom...some were better than others!

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