Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cross Country COLORS!

Eventers are eventers because of cross country. If we wanted to showjump or do dressage we could do just that...but eventers have a taste for galloping through the countryside splashing through water and leaping immovable objects.

And we secretly like to dress up.

The Dressage Queens have Pikeur and the Hunter Princesses have Grand Prix or Tailored Sportsman.  Eventers have cross country colors.

Lucinda Fredericks and her famous pink colors.

I have decided that my colors should be black and blue...for obvious reasons. Thus I have started the search so Moose and I can be fully kitted out in black and blue glory (gory?).

Bit Of Britain is one stop shopping for colorful xc accessories. Plus they are supporters of the AECs and USEA members get a 5% discount on online orders.

SmartPak also has oodles of colorful custom supplies including custom breeches. If your horse already gets a monthly Smartpak you can enroll in the Barn Buddy Program to get FREE embroidery on those colorful custom supplies as well as reduced shipping.

Dover has a custom selection with a variety of color coordinating tack, apparel and stable supplies.

If you don't mind springing for overseas shipping the Britts are ahead of the US in horse/rider decorating and often offer a 'virtual designer'.
My Masterpiece

CustomXC Colour Designer "Here you can design your perfect xc colours"

Nag Rags "wide range of custom, hand made horse riding clothing"

GGGear "GGGear for personalised equestrian hoodies, jackets, cross country colours, hat covers,"

Equisign "new range of XC Colours. You can design your own and there are many variations to choose from"

Treehouse Sporting Colours "specialising in equestrian safety wear, racing and cross country colours."

Jellybeanz "Colourful and Fun equestrian clothing"

Dark Horse "Cross Country Racing Colours / Clothing and accessories for horse riding"

And the real reason eventers have cross country you can find our broken bodies when we fall in the woods....

Next shall we discuss  helmet covers and matching saddle pads?

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