Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation (my version of it) = C A M P!!!!!

It is almost that time of year again…VACATION! A beach vacation? European backpacking? Perhaps a spa visit with hot springs and a massage?

Not for me! My vacation is spent with 40 other riders  in Indiana at Come Again Farm.
We rise with the chickens (literally) to care for our mounts and then lesson with some of the best event coaches in the country. We then clean our tack, audit, take notes, set jump poles, help and support the other riders followed by another lesson in the July heat. After that is it chore time again then on to a lecture, dinner, beer drinking and jaw wagging. We then get up and do it all again.
Though sun burnt, tired, and sore by the end of the week I would not trade this vacation for any other.

This year we will once again be instructed by Peter Atkins and Dorothy Crowell. New this year is Leslie Law. All have represented their country internationally and are considered excellent instructors.

I am hoping we make a different impression this year…

Last year every instructor said this --->“I don’t normally say this but I think you need more bit.”  
The bit I had in for camp.

And this --->  “Everyone canter! Except Amy!”

This might be why:
In Moose’s defense he was less than 2 weeks off the camp. In my defense…well I really don’t have one. 

Last years camp recap on COTH.

From Camp Pony to...

Camp Pony!


  1. Amy, having read July only (short attn span), am I to understand you've only had Moose a short time? And you did Event Camp!!!! Good for you. Glad to have met you there and hope to see you more of you and Mooser!
    BTW, this is Jumble's Mom. :-)

  2. Hi! This was a recap of last year (working on a recap for 2011) so I have had Moose 1 year and 2 weeks for camp 2011!
    Enjoyed meeting you as well and hope to see you again!