Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank you fairy godmother

Moose and I have a fairy godmother. Really.

One that understands why I would need to pay more for a lameness exam from an FEI vet for a camp pony than most people pay in vet bills for a year.

She understands why he has a dentist, a chiropractor, custom fitted saddles and bits from Germany.

She knows that Moose can't talk. He can't say that his saddle that once fit is now digging into his back making him horribly sore. He can't say that his girth rubbed and that his bit is making a sore on his sensitive mouth. He never mentioned that his hocks hurt so badly he could not gather them to canter.

The only way Moose can say this things is by acting out-which he simply will not do.

So thank you fairy godmother...for being my support. Thank you for loving me and Moose.

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