Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Octoberfest Moose Tracks Style

Moose Tracks has had a very busy October. From relaxing trail rides galloping waterways and leaping yard art to cross country schooling with friends he has not been home a single weekend.

In early October, we trekked to Come Again Farm’s Fall Horse Trials to eat test our mettle at starter level. Yes, starter –as in Beginner Novice Test A –as in we are cantering in public! Yup, time to test the new hocks!

With some trepidation, we entered the dressage ring….and…wowza! Moose pulled it together and gave me his best! I left the ring thrilled and humbled by my little horse. Icing on the cake was a score of 35 putting us in second!
For full disclosure we did get “hurried tempo” on the first canter circle, “needs slower tempo” on the second and “needs to work on better control of canter tempo so not so hurried” in the comments. Poor judge –if she only knew!

On to showjumping –Lee Ann out did herself with a really challenging and fun course decorated to the nines. Moose jumped clean and even cantered most of the course! Woot!

I thought this picture was cuuute. My husband, however, felt he looked like a leaping Okapi :(

Ok...there is a vague resemblance

this. I needz it.

We tore up the cross country cantering the entire thing. I had promised Moose he could eat the popsicle they were giving at the finish flags so we were there in no time…when I went to look at the final scores we had time penalties. For speeding. Oopsie…I did not think to wear a watch-who tries for time at starter anyway? It never occurred that new hocks=speedy Moose. 

Oh well! Still thrilled with the MooseMan and his pretty yellow ribbon.

That's my Baby!

Last weekend Moose got to clinic with Peter Atkins at BeaHive Ranch…post on that coming soon (promise).

Teaser alert –Moose Tracks jumped some TRAINING level xc fences (and I did not pee my pants!).

Yes! This is a training level fence!

PS –and for the record I did actually go to CAF to event. I only dropped $25 or so at the concession stand. For full disclosure Lori ran out of food :)

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