Monday, November 21, 2011

Not Black Friday... but shop we did

We came, we saw, WE SHOPPED!

At the grand opening of Dover Saddlery in Illinois!!!!!!!!!!!
Dover Grand Opening! Woot! Woot!
My best riding buddy/surrogate momma/awesome lady Susie and I could not let Dover open without giving them a warm welcome.

Susie was so excited about the Dover opening she hurried perhaps a bit too much getting dressed.

Perfect excuse to buy new boots!

 All told I think we spent ~4 hours in the store and examined every item at least once. It was great fun to see the products from the catalog and try on $500+ show coats and sit in hermes saddles. The things of dreams they are!

It was a lovely store with all the essentials (and non-essentials i.e. $500+ show coat).

The big purchase for Moose Man was a Micklem bridle. His current bridle has caused some heinous rubs and despite my attempts at creative padding my very good boy is reluctant to be bridled. I will be sure to report back -especially if it is as majikal as some claim.
Note the 'Amy Engineering' (poll pad and fuzzy thing)

Since we were in the area we also stopped by Saddler's Row where I bid a fond farewell to my saddles. Moose has been a fitting nightmare due to his very short back and my big booty fondness for large saddles.

I spent quite a bit of time with Master Saddler Michael Dainton discussing Moose's conformation and sitting in saddle after saddle. This man has the patience of a saint!

The final recommendation was a Prestige D1 dressage saddle. This saddle is made for horses with short backs and has several nifty (read expensive) features like a cut away panel, gel insert and elastic front billet. Video here.

For jumping the Black Country Vinici Tex Eventer was the winner. Sitting in this saddle felt like coming home. Which everyone in Saddler's Row was made aware of as I yelped LOUDLY when I first sat in it! This saddle has long sloping cantle that does not affect the length of the panels. I was more than comfortable in the 17.5!

So Michael and the saddlers row crew will be working hard to sell my saddles so I can (gulp) afford these. But really the customer service was great -can't thank Michael enough for his time and expertise. I finally feel confident that the saddle monster can be conquered!

As a final bonus Susie won the drawing for 30 seconds in the cash box. I'll admit it - I momentarily had a flash of her grabbing thousands - and me taking home the Prestige D1!

But alas...
$14. Yup. $14.

The day ended with a superb supper at the Peotone Bierstube. Yay Schnitzel!

A great weekend with an even greater friend ended 12 hours later...did I mention we examined every item at least once?

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