Monday, January 30, 2012

Hopes and Dreams, Dreams and Wishes

We all have them –those dreams and wishes we hold close to our heart. And I’m here to tell you it is OK –shoot for the stars and even if you fall short you’ll be amazed where you land.

So what are my secret dreams and wishes? 

Well I have always been envious of those going south for event season. While I am happy for my friends that can make it to Ocala or Aiken for a few weeks or the entire season, I have always wished to be among them. But with a budget so tight that it doesn’t just squeak it squeals I never thought it could happen…
And what I wouldn’t give to be a working student again. But as an adult with 2 jobs and other adult-like responsibilities (and that squealing budget) being a working student is not practical or wise.

No –Moose and I are not going to Florida for the season and no I am not taking a sabbatical to be a working student for 6 months.  But a week from today I am going to Florida. And I am riding with Peter Atkins! It still does not seem real. Pinch me! Thanks to the kindness of others, just enough frequent flier miles and a very understanding employer and husband, I will be living my dream for a week!

Wish me luck and do not be afraid to dream big!

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