Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Days

As much as I bemoan MidWest winters there are some lovely days and joyful rides.

I love the sound (or lack thereof ) after a new snow. All is quiet as we ride.

Moose seems to enjoy it as well. As the snow tickles his belly, he gives little bucks...then a big one! Feeling my balance shift, he immediately stops and cocks an ear, as if to ask, "All OK up there?" As I settle in the saddle, we are off again.

Though today is a joy ride, the competitor in me takes over. I find myself watching the fresh tracks in the snow -"Are we straight?" "Was that shoulder-in 2 or 3 tracks?"
The snow becomes the arena mirror I have always wanted and the drifts become cavaletti as Moose lifts his legs to get through.

With temperatures below freezing and snow all around spring season seems so far away...yet the training is never far from my mind.

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