Friday, February 3, 2012

My Secret Sloppy Self & Other Fashion Faux Pas

I was always told you might be poor but you can be clean. This was translated to taking what I had and being as presentable as possible (in regards to riding). I poured over George Morris’s jumping clinic taking his criticism as gospel. When riding in public I was never without shiny tack, my stirrup leathers tucked in, outfitted in a collared shirt, belt and hairnet.

Speaking of hairnets. Buy one. Please. The last few years at competitions and clinics, I have been horrified by the lack of hairnets. It makes me twitch.

Hairnets. Just do it.
I still believe this should be the standard outfit anytime riding “in public” (i.e. lessons –yes even with your local-yocal trainer, xc schools, clinics and schooling shows).

George is excused from the hairnet rule. But Gloves? Where are the Gloves?
  • Clean, well-fitted tack
  • Clean horse
  • White pad
  • Helmet
  • Hairnet (for the love of god remember the hairnet!)        
  • Belt
  • Collared shirt tucked-in
  • Breeches
  • Shined tall boots –maybe if uber casual half chaps
  • Gloves
    I have this Outfit!

    As I started keeping my horse at home my dress code of sorts has been relaxed.Very relaxed.

    My husband accuses me of dressing like Napoleon Dynamite.

    My revelation that I will soon be riding with Peter Atkins at his farm in Florida also brought out  turnout worries –what does one wear when training with a member of the Australian Eventing Team, World Games competitor and all around awesome coach? I mean I had the riding outfit down but what about chore clothes? Certainly Peter would not want a Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger representing his farm!?

    So I sent him an email to ease my mind –would a polo tucked into jeans be OK for chores?

    And his response was to shoot back a picture as he was setting out to ride.

    Peter -please don't kill me for sharing this

    I think I am going to fit in just fine.

    Riding at, pink and red match. Right?

    As I pack for next week, I am leaving the breeches, tall boots and new polos at home. In go  t-shirts, jeans and half chaps.

    I have not decided about the hairnet yet.


    1. ROFLMAO. You'll fit in just fine.

    2. LOL! I once took an inventory of all the colors I wore when heading out to do barn work (in the winter) and, well... it was... let's say... excessive... Have a blast!

    3. I always wear a hairnet, even at home..but my hair is long and crazy and annoying otherwise!

    4. LOL!!!!! That is awesome. I love Peter! :-D

    5. LOL this makes me laugh. The beginning of your post I would have guessed you were a hunter/jumper not an eventer. Maybe Peter will help you out in your over obsession with appearance. Listen when you are a mother of three small children trying to squeeze in your dreams of eventing the last thing on my mind when I get to a schooling show is wearing a freaking hairnet. I consider it a good day if I get to brush off the mud from my horse, tack and boots and remember to put on a bra. I guess I just don't have enough time to notice those details but that kind of stuff is not all that important really. But then again I am not one to follow along with the social norm. I am more of a, if it's functional, comfortable and safe I am good, kinda gal. So next time you see me at CAF don't look cause I will for sure be one of those who makes you shutter ;). Though I will probably bust out a hairnet this year when I compete in our first recognized event. Yay for conformity!!!