Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moose Tracks....HARDCORE Logo Contest!

As Moose Tracks is tackling  Rolex Beginner Novice this year he clearly needs his own logo (for his fans dontcha know).

The husband suggested a rip-off  spin-off of the Frank Turner Hardcore logo as pinto ponies are most definitely hardcore.

Husband Suggestion 1: "The Classic"

Get it ? Moose Tracks HardCore?

Husband Suggestion 2: "Whips and Chains"

My creation: "Yams"

(Yams would be the now favorite food of the Moose fact it was all he would eat when sick last month)

Do they look like orange turds? hmmm

What say you?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep on Bloggin'

I started this blog as practice for work. I played with posting times, themes and keywords while developing a feel for the medium.

And today is the day. Our "work" blog has launched!

Without further adieu I give you the AOCS Blog....
(Warning: this blog has nothing to do with horses. Nope, not a thing. But if you like oil chemistry it just might be for you!)

I had originally planned to delete this blog once I launched my one for work. But I have enjoyed it and I have enjoyed you. So for now, I will keep on bloggin' (despite the fact my husband asks, "do you really have to let the entire world know how insane you actually are?".

Why yes. Yes I do.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It may be a 'random number generator'....but we won suckas!

News of the day = Moose and I won the HJU Ammie Educational Grant!

It went something like this....I was reading Horse Junkies United last night when I saw a familiar face- Moosey! I suddenly realized our submission for the Ammie Educational Grant had won!

Then this happened 

funny gifs

Followed by me handing my husband the phone to read the post....followed by more dancing and screeching as I wanted my phone back to call people anyone and share the news. He wasn't giving the phone back so I paraded out to the pasture to let Moose know....he was apparently unimpressed with my dancing - he spooked and ran away.

Buzz. Kill.

Anyway, remember this post? The post I was lamenting my lack of funds to participate in the Peter Atkins clinic in Kentucky? Well thanks to HJU and the grant sponsor ecogold we are now going!

I still can't quite believe my good fortune! Thank you  Horse Junkies United (a great blog)! Thank you ecogold (they make awesome saddle pads -and do real research)!

Please support these folks -they give back while also providing a great informational service and products.

Shameless Promotion of our "Sponsors"
(teehee...I love saying that)

Follow or "like" them for daily news and funny stories. You will also see contest announcements and there will be another Ammie Educational grant soon! Go win it!

And my favorite ecogold blog post :

Amazing Results from Ecogold Saddle Pads in Pressure Scans!


( I have seriously coveted an ecogold pad for Moosey since reading this. One ecogold. One day.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

A tale of Carrots & Apples, A Doublewide and Badminton Horse Trials.

Peter Atkins and Henry are heading to good ol' Badders. And if you have read this blog for any length of time ever you know Peter is my favorite coach. So let's get he & Super-Hen to England!

A unique fund-raising plan is in can support the trip by purchasing carrots and apples ($10), the Badminton Entry Fee ($537), or Henry's shipping ($10,000 -yes $ 1 0, 0 0 0). See the options at

"Henny gets a lot of carrots and apples, buying one or multiples of them will keep him happily munching and will be used for other day to day expenses that will occur. This is a great way to donate even if you can/want to only give $10, $20 or $30 "
No $h*t  Henny gets a lot of carrots. While at Peter's barn I saw the biggest bag of carrots I have seen in my (apparently sheltered) life. I mean seriously....just get a pick-up truck load.

NOT this

Still to Small
This is more like it....if it were larger
So yes -Henry does indeed need lots of carrots (donate here).

Clearly I need to move to England. I need hay for $140.

Which also brings us to transport....

aww-let's make sure Owie gets to go

You can help Owen go see his favorite horse run Badders (serious awwww factor here folks) or pony up and get Henry there.

So the cost of transporting the humans and horses makes me less jealous of the hay thing.

On to my personal favorite....

Lodging for Peter
"with your help Peter will be well rested for his week at Badminton and yes he will be living in a double wide."
Yes! A thousand time yes!!! I can't tell you exactly why this tickles my funny bone. As a trailer park liver for several years (I know you are NOT shocked by that little revelation) I am certainly no snob. But the thought of Peter in his doublewide....

 All kidding aside this an expensive endeavor (even not accounting for lost income while away). I would really love to see Peter, his family and his horse live this dream. They are good people.

Please visit and donate what you can (and if you can't I get that -please just keep the Atkins eventing family in your thoughts as they make this journey).

And if someone out there does sponsor Peter's lodging please make it contingent upon photographic evidence. Please.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peter Atkins teaching in Kentucky soon!!!!

Ack! Have you heard?! Peter Atkins will be teaching in Kentucky soon (as in May!).

The big thing for me is that he is offering private dressage lessons on the Friday of the clinic. I had a few private lessons on school horses while in Florida and my improvement in riding and understanding concepts was actually exponential in scale. I would love to get a private dressage lesson on Moose (as well as jumping/ xc in the group clinic) to see if I can continue the exponential learning!

(As an aside I do feel I am riding Moose much better since my FL trip-yay!)

Now where is that damn money tree? 

....oh paid someone's vet bills (cough, Moosey!).

Here is the info:
Ride with Australian Eventing Team member Peter Atkins at Champagne Run!
May 11-13, 2012 | Lexington KY
Friday, May 11 – Private Dressage Lessons (Peter will be teaching a limited number of private dressage lessons the day before the clinic). Me Want! Want! Want!
Saturday, May 12 – Clinic Day 1 -Stadium: Grid work in groups of four for 1.5 hours.
Sunday, May 13 – Clinic Day 2 -Cross Country: Cross country schooling in groups of six for 2 hours. XC!!!!!! In KY! With Peter!
Peter + XC+ KY+ May!

Dressage: $115 per horse/rider combination
Clinic: $325 per horse/rider combination
Auditors: $25 for the weekend Maybe I can do this
Saturday evening we will host a meet and greet potluck with Peter! What? He doesn't eat....will there be a keg?
Limited overnight stabling is available upon request for $30/night.
Reserve your spot early by returning the clinic form with full payment! If someone wants to do this My name is Amy. My horse is Moose. I can supply the coggins part if you supply the payment part. Deal? OK!

Please return payment and forms early to guarantee participation, as space is limited. Negative coggins and health certificates are required with entry.

No refunds will be given unless your space can be filled from the wait list.

Checks may be made payable to Champagne Run. Your entry in the clinic will not be considered complete until payment in full has been received.

Please complete one entry form for each horse you plan to ride in the clinic.

Return forms to:
Champagne Run Farm
Attn: Peter Atkins Clinic
5991 Old Richmond Road
Lexington, KY 40515

I truly hope some of my fellow bloggers get to go (and you better blog about it!). I'll be out shaking that money tree....

Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Essay -Moose Tracks

Moose is on vacation post mystery virus from H E Double Hockey Sticks.

Other thank thanking the interwebz for pulling for him and reporting he is back to his Moosey self I have nothing really to blog indulge me in looking at photos.

smiling poneh -first event camp

Moose says NO dressaging!

Benches are for jumping
hmm -Peter you may not want to sit there
Woman from Snowy River & her Pony
I DRINK the water hazard. Drink it ALL!
I LAY DOWN in the water hazard
oh Fine. I'll jump in the water hazard

At shows I learned to RUN not drink the water
That made the yam-provider happy. See.
I like to nap
The yam-provider may nap with me. But NO picture taking allowed!
I jump cute (yam-providers like this)
I am Moose Tracks!