Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Essay -Moose Tracks

Moose is on vacation post mystery virus from H E Double Hockey Sticks.

Other thank thanking the interwebz for pulling for him and reporting he is back to his Moosey self I have nothing really to blog indulge me in looking at photos.

smiling poneh -first event camp

Moose says NO dressaging!

Benches are for jumping
hmm -Peter you may not want to sit there
Woman from Snowy River & her Pony
I DRINK the water hazard. Drink it ALL!
I LAY DOWN in the water hazard
oh Fine. I'll jump in the water hazard

At shows I learned to RUN not drink the water
That made the yam-provider happy. See.
I like to nap
The yam-provider may nap with me. But NO picture taking allowed!
I jump cute (yam-providers like this)
I am Moose Tracks!


  1. Moose is absolutely adorable!

  2. I love him... seconding the "absolutely adorable"...