Monday, March 26, 2012

A tale of Carrots & Apples, A Doublewide and Badminton Horse Trials.

Peter Atkins and Henry are heading to good ol' Badders. And if you have read this blog for any length of time ever you know Peter is my favorite coach. So let's get he & Super-Hen to England!

A unique fund-raising plan is in can support the trip by purchasing carrots and apples ($10), the Badminton Entry Fee ($537), or Henry's shipping ($10,000 -yes $ 1 0, 0 0 0). See the options at

"Henny gets a lot of carrots and apples, buying one or multiples of them will keep him happily munching and will be used for other day to day expenses that will occur. This is a great way to donate even if you can/want to only give $10, $20 or $30 "
No $h*t  Henny gets a lot of carrots. While at Peter's barn I saw the biggest bag of carrots I have seen in my (apparently sheltered) life. I mean seriously....just get a pick-up truck load.

NOT this

Still to Small
This is more like it....if it were larger
So yes -Henry does indeed need lots of carrots (donate here).

Clearly I need to move to England. I need hay for $140.

Which also brings us to transport....

aww-let's make sure Owie gets to go

You can help Owen go see his favorite horse run Badders (serious awwww factor here folks) or pony up and get Henry there.

So the cost of transporting the humans and horses makes me less jealous of the hay thing.

On to my personal favorite....

Lodging for Peter
"with your help Peter will be well rested for his week at Badminton and yes he will be living in a double wide."
Yes! A thousand time yes!!! I can't tell you exactly why this tickles my funny bone. As a trailer park liver for several years (I know you are NOT shocked by that little revelation) I am certainly no snob. But the thought of Peter in his doublewide....

 All kidding aside this an expensive endeavor (even not accounting for lost income while away). I would really love to see Peter, his family and his horse live this dream. They are good people.

Please visit and donate what you can (and if you can't I get that -please just keep the Atkins eventing family in your thoughts as they make this journey).

And if someone out there does sponsor Peter's lodging please make it contingent upon photographic evidence. Please.


  1. Just wanted to say congrats on your HJU award! Oh, and I think you have the cutest pony! So glad he's feeling better.

  2. Thank you so very much!
    And backatcha -I spy a quite cute pinto in your blog :)