Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Horse | Understanding Equine Sleep Deprivation

The Horse | Understanding Equine Sleep Deprivation
Dellaire and Ruckebusch, estimates that in a day horses fulfill approximately:
  • Two hours of diffuse drowsiness (during which the horse stands with full weight on both front legs and one rear leg while the other rear leg is cocked, or "primed," to kick if necessary);
  • Three hours of slow wave sleep (at which point the horse is either lying down in lateral  or sternal recumbency [lying flat on his side or lying on his chest, respectively]); and
  • Less than one hour of paradoxical sleep (during which the horse is commonly positioned on the ground, but the body is upright with head tucked to a side--normally toward the stifle). This allows for better respiration than being on a side.
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I think Moose may have a sleep disorder. This basically says horses lay down to sleep fours hours a day. Huh? Moose gets more like 8-10. Maybe he needs it for his beauty sleep. He is really cute.

He even sleeps during class