Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well, Hello there!

Winter has finally arrived in East Central Illinois.

I welcomed him as I awoke at 4:30 to negative 8.

Blurry eyed the layering process began -thermals, sweaters carharts, ski mask and hat. The the 'bucket brigade' morning ritual of filling buckets with hot water in the bath tub hauled down the stairs and outside to the waiting to animals.

Water is served. gran made up and delivered to the pony with frosty whiskers and the little goat with the wagging tail. As they eat their cereal I trudge to the hay barn and back filling the feeder for the day.

Back to the house to remove the layers and begin a re-layering of sorts -on go the slacks, the button down. Make-up and hair gel applied.

Off to work already planning the evening chores -much the same as the morning.

Riding does not factor in as I leave and arrive in the dark during the work week. Maybe this weekend if the weather holds.