Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Time Stops

I haven't blogged much this year...time was precious and life was hurtling by at an amazing speed.

But then something happens that makes you stop. Makes you breathe. Makes you review every moment that you took for granted.

Moose Tracks is gone. I had to let my boy go. I wish now I had more fully treasured every ride, every cuddle, every adventure.

The face I saw first thing after work every day
We napped together

Played together
Napping with his Goat
Flying together
Goof. He made me smile. Every day.

Thank you MooseMan

I know the question will be asked...Moose went lame on and never got better and as the ground hardened it got worse. X-rays revealed Navicular Syndrome. In my mind we would continue on as a dressage partnership. But the subsequent MRI revealed such advanced damage. It was shocking. My brave boy had done so much for me without a hint of pain... but the pain was there now. And no special shoes or injections would make it go away. He was miserable at home. The ground had hardened and no amount of fly spray would keep him from stomping flies with those tender feet. I opted to euthanize. It was not fair to him anymore.

And so I go on. But my life is forever changed by a wonderful pony named Moose Tracks.