Moose Tracks

Name: Moose Tracks

Breed: Appaloosa X Paint X Yak? (Has characteristics of all 3)

Height: 15.0 hands (contrary to popular belief NOT a pony)

Age: says 10. For the last 2 years (?)

Favorite Food: Yams

Hobbies: Eating & sleeping

You can read about our start here and here.

Competition Results -For Hysterical Historical Purposes

Oct 2011 - Starter
Come Again Farm Fall Horse Trials October 2011

Starter-3rd Place | Dressage: 35.0 | No jumping penalties but had speed faults on XC  for being a bit quick!

June 2011-GAG

Come Again Farm Horse Trials June 2011

Green As Grass -4th Place | Dressage 38.75 | No Jumping Penalties

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