Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Lost Year

I can’t help but feel that 2012 is a lost year. It began with a bang –Moose and I were awarded the Horse Junkies United Ammie Education Grant (posts here and here) which afforded us the opportunity to start our year with a Peter Atkins clinic. 

I left the clinic so looking forward to the summer and fall –I really believed Moose and I were finally on the right track and hoped to be competing well at novice by the end of the year.

Then work got in the way –enter excuse 1.

Then surgery and recovery–excuse 2 & 3.

Then recovery & the hottest summer on record- excuse 3 & 4.

Now I find both myself and my pony fat and out of shape with winter looming. The snow will fly soon and with it the end of our 2012 riding time. It is now the beginning of October and I cannot seem to muster the motivation to use the fleeting month I have left to begin riding…it seems pointless. This attitude is not like me at all. 

I need a kick in the butt.


  1. I am right there with you. I hit the ground running in the spring and though I did meet some huge goals for us it seemed like the season just disappeared. That wretched summer happened then one thing after another has kept me off of my horse the last month and a half. Now looking to start getting serious about work this late in the season seems almost pointless. Like you said you can't help but to think that winter is right around the corner and we will go into winter hybernation mode. But in reality we do still have the next month to two months. We will feel much better if we make the best of it. So I am going to give myself a kick in the butt because I seriously need it too. If we had a goal that would do the trick. What about November at CAF schooling derby??? We could plan to meet up there. I wanted to make the move to Novice before the years end and that could be it. What do you think?

  2. I was going to suggest CAF - show in Oct & Nov! Dang if I can't go in Oct - going to KY that weekend to watch much more skilled than I daughter compete in dressage regionals.

    I think you should go for it and get a show, or two, in before year end :)

  3. Hey whatever time in the saddle you can get is better then none :)

  4. Thanks and everyone!

    And Amy -I would so love to meet up with you and Steady at CAF. However....budget....not saying no just yet but have to see if I can work a few things out.