Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Need to Vent

For all that is sacred am I supposed to fit a saddle to this?
Where would a saddle GO on this horse?
For all you smarties I do know it goes on the back. Well there ain't much back there if I don't want to go behind the 18th thoracic vertebra.

As a 5'6'' 130 135 140 lb rider I prefer an 18'' saddle. Ain't happening. I now have several saddles for sale.
17.5 Wide Ryder/ Trilogy Amadeo Elite

18.5 M Stackhouse. 18.5 =much to long. This makes me very sad :/
18''' Forward Flap Bates CC -not even  close



  1. Hey Amy! Met you at Peter's clinic (I'm Amy G.'s friend). Loved your horse. Just stopping by to say hi! :)

  2. Hi Karen! It was very nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by. Hope you ride with us the next time around :)

  3. Hey Amy, I put one of my riders (5'10") on her 14.1 hand arab/qh in a Ainsley Chester 17.5". It has a fairly forward flap that gave her room to put her leg and seat, and was a scotch long for the pony, but nearly as bad as the 18's we'd be trying!

  4. Ooh! Thanks for the tip Lauren. I can so use the the help. Now to find one to try :-D

  5. My friend Julie has gone through the same problem with her horse, she ended up in a 17 or 17.5 Black Country jump and I think a devoucoux monoflap for dressage

  6. Funny you mention that. At the PA clinic I tried a friends decoucouxs (Chiberta & Makila) and they fit perfectly...they do not however fit my pocketbook :/ Unless someone buys up all my saddles!
    Saddle rich/ cash poor. Could be worse!

  7. Might want to try to find a County, I have the same issue (rode in 18" and then they down graded me to 17.5 with underswept panels).

  8. I'm hoping to sell my saddle to get a Bates. What did you think of the Bates, other than it not fitting your horse? lol

    Mine is a Thornhill Germania 2-Phase in XW. ADORED the saddle...other than the XW is more of a MW or W in most other brands, and i'm trying to saddle a hippo...(ok, not REALLY...but a really wide draft cross. lol)

  9. I liked it -not sure if it would go wide enough for a tru hippo :) Maybe look at Duett? http://www.duettsaddles.com/