Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Event Camp-Show Jumping, cross country, whipping and other weird activities

Tuesday- Leslie Law (Cross Country) | Peter Atkins (Show Jumping) 

Tuesday I was very excited to ride with Leslie Law. An admitted book hoarder I of course own a copy of ‘Cross Country Masterclass’ and was eager to put into practice what I had read.

Mr. Law has very classic teaching style. We began by shortening our stirrups a hole or four (guess who the four was) and practiced galloping position. As we were all one horse amateur riders it was suggested that once a week we shorten our stirrups two holes shorter than cross country length to develop our fitness and galloping position.

We moved on to some very simple jumps, water and ditches. Being the book hoarder I am I recognized several bits from Jimmy Woffords ‘Training the Three Day Event Horse and Rider". A good read!

That afternoon I had showjumping with Peter Atkins. Poor Peter. Poor Moose. I rode like garbage. 


Take away points?

I ride like garbage. This can only be fixed by beer consumption. I fixed it.

Thank the lord for Wednesday and a chance at redemption.

Wednesday- Bonna McCuiston (Dressage Fix-a-test) | Peter Atkins (Cross Country) | Peter Atkins Lecture on Bitting & Whipping

Bonna was a dear and suffered through BN test A. 

Ahhh Dressage. I choose to laugh it off. Everyone else does!
“So –you’re a beginner. Right?”

“Not exactly. I have ridden a for a few years or 25.”

She gave me some tips (canter transitions, transitions, transitions). I think she was afraid to have us canter in the small ring (with her in it) so we worked on shoulder-in.

The afternoon session was cross country with Peter. As all the horses were starter level we focused more on improving the canter than jumping. I found this hugely helpful as you cannot have a good jump if you do not have a quality canter. 
Moose working much rounder
Peter had us canter up and down hills actively “catching the front feet” while kicking the horse up at the girth. This resulted in a rounder back and a quality gait. 
He had me working hard with Moose to improve the canter –riding counter canter and then true canter in counter flexion.  

Peter hopped on the Mooseman for a bit so Moose got some training and I was able to better visualize what he was teaching. 

We also cantered Moose thought the water several times using the drag of the water to help me improve his balance. Overall this was a great lesson for me –best of the camp!
Great Lesson! Thanks Moose & Peter!

The evening lecture was “Bitting and Proper Whipping ah la Peter Atkins”

On bitting Peter was a proponent of  jointed snaffles feeling that the nutcracker action of a single joint was harsh. 

This was demonstrated by placing different types of snaffles between the hands and then feeling the action.

Peter recommended a good old fashion jockey whip as most crops are “items of apparel only”.
Whipping was either for courage, a wake up, and very rarely for punishment. He cautioned against whipping a horse that stopped because it was scared feeling this could eventually lead to falls as the horse, fearful of a whipping, would jump a fence when it was best to stop.

Wake Up

We all got to practice
Wake Up? Courage? Punishment? hmmm

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