Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And so it begins..Part 1

This time last year, I was going through a difficult period…a well-loved aunt was dying and a best friend was facing cancer. At he same time I had come to the conclusion that my well loved horse did not fit my lifestyle or goals and should go on to another, more talented rider…it was all a bit much.

Sitting beside my aunt as she slept I found an outlet playing on the internet looking at horses –never mind it was not the “right time”. I had yet to rehome my current horse and was very stressed in my personal life…but I was just “playing”- right?
Aunt Brenda (yellow top) at one of my horse shows

I was browsing DreamHorse (with out putting in the mileage locator- I was just “playing”- right?) when I came across a little horse that captured my attention. I kept going back to him repeatedly. He was unlike anything I had ever ridden or wanted (my previous mounts were all hot OTTB types –that I loved!). But a smallish (15h), grade, LOUDLY colored camp pony became the only horse I wanted. I looked at his photos and watched his videos frequently…prompting my mom –looking over my shoulder to ask –“what is that?” “Does he bray?” but my aunt (though I am not sure she could actually really see the photos) proclaimed him a fine horse that I should go try at once!

I kept telling myself it was not to be –no money, no time, and no business buying a horse. Then my aunt died - I got the call at work.  As I was walking out of the building, my phone rang. It was my friend.

“So, I have surgery and treatment in two days…let’s get out of here and maybe go try that horse.”

But I was heading to a funeral…right?

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