Friday, July 1, 2011

And so it begins... part 2

So I was heading to a funeral…right? Wrong.

A call to my mom confirmed what I knew. Brenda would want me to go. She was crazy and impulsive. I had been there with her as she was dying…she did not need me now. The best way to honor her would be to drive 12+ hours just to try a horse that had caught my fancy.

So I did just that –going against my “Type A Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!” nature.  Brenda that was for you!

Safety check on truck and trailer? Nope.
Layover point mapped out? Nope.
Hotel booked? Nope.
Mapquest? Nope.

We hooked up the trailer and went that night…well, sort of. Truck 1 (the newer one) had a ton of fill dirt in the back. OK –older truck it is. Trailer 1 (the most recently serviced) was found to have a flat. So old, borderline scary trailer made the trip.

Finally, we left.
What a drive! *Someone* accidentally hit the “no tolls” option on the GPS. This resulted in a scenic route….lots of mountains. Lots of them. Hotels? Not so much. But there were lots of mountains!

After driving through the night and you guessed it-over the mountains - we made it to the camp. To be brief (not my specialty) trailer parking (or jack knifing if you prefer) as well as the Jeep ride (4 wheel drive required) to the horse area was all an adventure in itself…

And we saw THE horse.
I’ll be honest –he did not take my breath away and I did not hear the angels sing but I hopped on, hacked him around only to exclaim “*&%%$@! He is green!”.

Steering? Nope.
Breaks? Nope.
Tolerate fly spray or being squirted with a hose? Nope.
Gas pedal? Oh yea!

But he tromped over rocks and through the ravines and passed the archery and rifle ranges without batting an eye. We made a (very) low ball offer and they took it. He was mine!
Camp pony! (The inverted Paint or whatever color he is on your far right)

I elected to ride him back to the trailer while my friend took another jeep ride. As we made our way through the camp children began to ask “who are you”, “what are you doing?”, “where are you taking Moose Tracks?” To which I replied, “He is MINE! I am taking him HOME! Hahahahaha!” I was tired -give me a break already.

It was not until we had him loaded on the trailer that we realized 1) We had not slept 2) We had no layover 3) We now had a horse on the trailer so must drive straight through (again).


I do not remember the drive back but we did make it home Sunday around 6am.
I tossed the poor beast in the nearest paddock and went to bed. 8 hours later my phone ringing wakes me up. It was my friend, “Hi. Um.What did we just do?”

“Sh*t. Hold on a second.” I stepped outside and looked into the paddock. Then a big smile. “We bought a camp pony! I Love him!”

This face makes me smile everyday.


  1. This post made me tear up. Love it. And love your camp pony. I feel the same way about my little gray mare. *sigh*

  2. Thanks guys! They are wonderful aren't they?