Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick Boy

It started on Sunday.

I went out to the barn Sunday morning in my PJs, bleary-eyed yet ready to do morning chores.
Moose mouthed his feed, let it dribble out and then turned away. 

Let me stop here –Moose is a P I G. If it is not nailed down, he will eat it. If the nails can be pried loose by pony lips then it is not nailed down. And he will eat it.

What is a savvy horse person to do?

Check gut sounds, color & capillary refill, take a temperature & respiration, check for injury or swelling? Did I do any of these things? Nooooo. I sprinted for the house to retrieve my phone. 
The call went something like this:


Doc: What’s going on?

Me: Moose is dying! DYING! 

Doc: So what’s going on?

Me: He looked at me funny. I think he might have colic. or Foundering. OMG he is going to die!

Doc: Did you take his temp? with the underlying  Did you actually look at him?

Me:  No.  Do you know where my thermometer is? Shit! What is a thermometer? Hold on.  I’ll do that and call you back.

Ring ring.

Me: He is DYING! 104.6!

Doc : OK…asked a few questions about color, gut sounds, etc (none of which I could answer). 

Me:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! HELP ME!

Doc:  Ok. Do you want to give some banamine and call me back in a few hours? 
What will make you most comfortable (Note-what will make me -not Moose comfortable...yup, I was pretty hysterical)

Me: I am most comfortable with taking him to a hospital and having at least 10 experts look at him immediately. Do you think Dean Richardson is available?

Doc: I am on my way.

(Huge shout out to Dr. Miller / Prairie River Equine for wading through my hysteria)

My poor boy
Moose was properly evaluated and given banamine with instructions for me to monitor temperature and silly things like color, gut sounds, etc.

Throughout the day and night, his temperature ping ponged. More banamine was given, tasty treats soaked in water offered (all to no avail).

And I think I gained 5lbs (at least).

Temp 103. So I ate a cinnamon roll.

Temp 104. I ate two cinnamon rolls.

Temp was down. I called everyone I knew. “Hi! Moose is 98.7!!!!! “  um yeah….

Temp 105 so I ate a pizza. A whole one.

You get the idea.

So Sunday the decision was made to take him to hospital so he could get intensive care and I could stop with the eating already.

Please keep him in your thoughts-he is getting many gold stars for being a model patient. I love my kind, generous boy. He always makes me so proud. Even when sick.

Getting Fluids
Fancy Ice Boots!

My Moose


  1. Poor Mouse!!! Sending well wishes his way.

  2. Dr. Miller sounds like a saint :-)

  3. Poor Moose and Poor You! If they ask me, I want them to come... who cares about the emergency call fee! Jingles from all my peeps.... to yours!

  4. Your conversation with your vet sounds like mine when Vinnie foundered. I was a babbling idiot and couldn't be coherent for the crying. It has been a long road, but Vin is like Moose - tough. Vin is doing so well now and Moose will be doing great soon too. The blog is a great idea. It helps your friends and it helps you. Keep it up.

  5. I'm so sorry! Do they know what's wrong?

  6. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and kind words!

    There is no exact diagnosis other than probably a virus.

    I just got a call -he looking well this morning and no fever for several hours! Yay Moosey! I hope he can come home this week!

  7. Have they tested for potomic?

    Jingling for speedy recovery!