Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It may be a 'random number generator'....but we won suckas!

News of the day = Moose and I won the HJU Ammie Educational Grant!

It went something like this....I was reading Horse Junkies United last night when I saw a familiar face- Moosey! I suddenly realized our submission for the Ammie Educational Grant had won!

Then this happened 

funny gifs

Followed by me handing my husband the phone to read the post....followed by more dancing and screeching as I wanted my phone back to call people anyone and share the news. He wasn't giving the phone back so I paraded out to the pasture to let Moose know....he was apparently unimpressed with my dancing - he spooked and ran away.

Buzz. Kill.

Anyway, remember this post? The post I was lamenting my lack of funds to participate in the Peter Atkins clinic in Kentucky? Well thanks to HJU and the grant sponsor ecogold we are now going!

I still can't quite believe my good fortune! Thank you  Horse Junkies United (a great blog)! Thank you ecogold (they make awesome saddle pads -and do real research)!

Please support these folks -they give back while also providing a great informational service and products.

Shameless Promotion of our "Sponsors"
(teehee...I love saying that)

Follow or "like" them for daily news and funny stories. You will also see contest announcements and there will be another Ammie Educational grant soon! Go win it!

And my favorite ecogold blog post :

Amazing Results from Ecogold Saddle Pads in Pressure Scans!


( I have seriously coveted an ecogold pad for Moosey since reading this. One ecogold. One day.)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! ... we all expect a full report on the clinic.:)

  2. Thanks ladies! I am still on cloud 9!

    Beer = Definitely. We must all celebrate!

    Clinic report= MOST definitely! As part of the grant I will blog about the clinic for HJU. I am sure I will post insane ramblings here and hopefully manage a more proper post for the sponsors.

    Thanks again and truly for the well wishes!

  3. I was so excited for you when you won!! I don't even know you but I've learned a lot though your clinic reports with Peter.

  4. HJU and the sponsors welcome any and all ramblings. ~ Patricia